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MCG Quality Policy Statement

This statement is issued to indicate Medical Center MediClubGeorgia’s (MCG) attitude to its customer relationships and its excellence in service delivery. MCG seeks the full support of all employees and suppliers in actively pursuing this quest for quality. 

In 2017 MCG became the first Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospital in Georgia. In 2023, MCG was granted international accreditation for the third time. We proudly display a Joint Commission International's Gold Seal of Approval® that is recognized as a sign of patient quality and safety care around the world. The mission of MediClubGeorgia is to provide quality health care that recognizes the inherent human worth and dignity of all persons, and to make our projects and services available to all without restriction; to create a healing environment where physicians, allied health professionals, and staff work together to provide personalized care; to be a leader in advocating high-quality health care programs and developing resources to satisfy the ambulatory and hospital health care needs of the citizens of our service area, and to operate in an ethically and fiscally responsible manner without compromising the patient and patient care needs. This shall be achieved through an ongoing effort by all MCG staff to continually improve systems, processes, and outcomes through individual and organizational performance. 

Medical Center MediClubGeorgia is committed to providing a high-quality and safe environment for patients, employees, and visitors through a comprehensive program designed to identify, evaluate, control, and prevent medical/healthcare errors and improve processes and outcomes throughout the organization. Consistent with this mission, our goal is to provide care that is safe, effective, patient centered, timely, efficient and equitable. 

In support of our vision, the policy is to maintain a practical but comprehensive Quality Management System based on ISO 9001:2015 and JCI International Standards. This will be central to the delivery of our commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. The quality management system is monitored, measured, evaluated, and enhanced regularly under top management responsibility, with regular reporting and communication of the status and effectiveness at all levels.

Joint Commission International (JCI) 2017