• Joint Commission International (JCI)


Quality and Patient Safety Concerns Reporting


In an effort to create a “safe” reporting environment, MediClubGeorgia encourages all the patients and visitors who have concerns about the safety or quality of care provided in the hospital to report them via the following channels:

1   Patient Relations Office: +(995 595) 09 19 09

                                  + (995 591) 69 19 91

2   Comment boxes located in various

3   Hospital Quality Control Manager and Medical Director offices (Open Door Policy)

In case the patient or visitor concern is not resolved to their satisfaction through the hospital reporting channel (s), they may choose to report their concerns via:

    Joint Commission International (JCI) website:


    E-mail: JCIQuality@jcrinc.com

    Mail: Quality and Safety Monitoring

    Joint Commission International Accreditation

    1515 West 22nd Street, Suite 1300W

    Oak Brook, Illinois 60523 US

Patients and visitors might report to JCI concerns about patient safety and the quality of care related to Patient Rights, Patient care, Safety, Infection Control, medication use and security. They can report concerns about patient safety and quality of care to JCI without retaliatory action from MediClubGeorgia.


JCI doesn’t accept complaints related to billing, payment disputes, individual clinical management of a single patient and issues occurred three or more years prior to submission of the complaint.

Reporting procedure to JCI:

    Summarize your patient safety concerns (1 to 2 pages).

    Include the name, street address, city and country of the Healthcare organization.

    Name and contact information of the individual submitting the complaint (Optional).

    Complaints that contain the contact information will allow JCI to follow up with the submitter if further clarification is needed or to request additional necessary information.


The name and the contact information of the individual or individuals submitting the complaint will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to any other party.

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